Dr. Susan Kologi earned her doctorate in Education from the University of Idaho. Her research focused on project-based learning curriculum with different types of learners. She believes a classroom should be a collaborative and active environment where students take responsibility for learning and constructing their own knowledge based on real-life experience and situations.

Throughout the past few years, Dr. Kologi has been teaching educational psychology to undergraduate students at UI, as well as, mentoring students who were completing practicum experiences in local classrooms. Also holding a degree in developmental psychology, she strives to combine the fields of education and psychology to see potential and success in each student. With experience in creating engaging classroom activities and effective curriculum, she the Academic Director and a Teacher at Novitas.

Originally from Northern Idaho, she loves outdoor activities including hiking, camping, geocaching, skiing, and relaxing on mountain tops. She also enjoys swimming, photography, cooking, and spending time laughing with friends and family.