Our Curriculum

Many families want to know what makes Cherry Gulch Academy unique and how their student will find academic success where he hasn’t in the past. Combined with our collaborative approach, our curriculum makes us unique! While we have textbooks for reference, it’s rare that teachers use specific curriculum in any subject area. Rather, they lead with a topic and question and allow students to shape the course through big picture and project-based learning. We weave in Common Core Standards so rest assured when your student attends our school, he stays current with curriculum and content as if he were at home.

We are fully accredited through AdvancEd so all the credits your son earns are transferable to any high school or college in the country

We offer a wide range of courses each semester to ensure each student meets High School graduation requirements. Our students focus on 1-2 courses at a time for in-depth learning in each subject during our Integrated Block. We invite their participation in course planning and individualize projects and assignments based on strengths and needs. Below is a sample schedule and what a typical school day looks like at Cherry Gulch Academy.

Integrated Block Information

During our Integrated Block from 9:00-12:00, our academic team co-teaches to ensure engagement of all students. With different areas of specialty and interest, they encourage incredible discussions and provide students with various ways to demonstrate what they know. This is our most “traditional” time of day when students are practicing note taking skills, writing essays, engaging in class discussions, collaborating in group projects and sharing presentations. Our Special Education teacher provides specific, in-the-moment interventions to students during this time.

Elective Course Options

Like our Integrated Block, our Elective course options change quarterly and are driven by student interest. Examples include: Philosophy, ACT/SAT preparation, History of Music, Literature in Film, Drawing and Painting, and Shakespeare Survey.

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