Some of you may be asking “Ben where are the last two movie reviews?”. The answer to this question is that for one Friday we couldn’t find the power cord for the DVD player and the second Friday I was on an outing so I just simply wasn’t able to see it. But the good thing about missing that movie is that it lets me tell you guys about how these “outings” go here at Novitas. See every Weekend and sometimes Friday, we get to go off campus to do fun things like see a movie, go to the mall, go out to Play Live Nation (an xbox one arcade), or, like this last weekend, get to go skiing. We have to pay for these outings most of the time, the exception being when we get free outing tickets from doing well during the week, but it doesn’t matter because what we do is usually more than worth the price of admission.

So yeah, last weekend three of my fellow students a staff member and myself went skiing at Brundage Resort in Mccall, Idaho, and it was a blast! This was my second time going skiing while being at Novitas and I had a lot more fun this time because of how much I’ve improved since going the last time. This time my Novitas friends and I found a really cool not often used slope that was a green. The fact that it was a green was very helpful because it meant all of us no matter skill difference could have an awesome time, and boy, did we. I even went down a blue slope because I just wanted to keep the fun going, and I surprisingly did decently well on it. Sure we fell a lot but we were having too much fun to care. I also discovered the magic that is listening to music while skiing, and I swear it makes you better. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as cool as I did when I was bombing a slope blasting Blink 182.

That right there is one of the many reasons that I think Novitas is awesome. I mean at what other school do you get to go skiing almost every weekend? The answer is not many. That’ll be all for today folks. I know the post is shorter than usual but it’s a different kind of deal than my movie reviews and the comic books. I promise that I will have a review up for this Friday’s movie as soon as I get the chance to write it. Hope you enjoyed this post!