Before I get started with this edition of the blog, allow me to apologize for not posting a movie review. I went out again on Friday instead of staying and watching the movie, and I promise I’ll have a movie review up as soon as I possibly can.

So the Novitas campus is pretty busy during the weekdays because we have construction going on. A lot of construction workers, bulldozers, trenches, and PVC pipe is scattered about. Occasionally, we’ll hear some pretty weird noises in the schoolhouse during class from the construction, and that’s always entertaining.

The plan for the construction is to have new facilities built for Novitas sometime soon. I don’t know much about what these new facilities might consist of, but I’ve heard whispers about a mess hall. I personally hope that we get a really nice indoor gym with a basketball court, a track, and a weight room. With the trenches everywhere and the large open field next to the dorm, it looks like a battlefield from world war 1 (read All Quiet on the Western Front, best war book out there). Anyway that’s what going on campus at the moment. I know the post was short, but I’ll have a much more substantial one by thursday for all you folks out there. Hope you enjoyed!