Every day when we walk into the classroom; the first thing we do after we sit down is watch the CNN Student News. The student news tells us what’s going on in the world that particular day all in a convenient 10 minute format. Matt usually pauses it throughout the course of our viewing and will ask questions related to what we just watched. Then we move onto the main focus of our class that day but I’ll get to that later.

I like the student news a lot, in fact I’ll probably watch it during the week when I’m away from Novitas. As I said earlier, the host, Carl Azuz, takes us through what’s been happening on the big ol’ blue for that day. Carl will tell us what’s going on and then cut away too an expert on the subject if more explanation is required. It’s short, well made, to the point, and unbiased and all those things are very important to Ben Foster when the topic of news sources comes up. Especially the whole unbiased thing; it’s so nice to be able to just find out what’s going on without having political opinions shoved down your throat (Fox news, and MSNBC should take notes). I can say without a doubt that the CNN Student News is leagues better than the normal CNN.

With my praise for the student news out of the way, let’s move onto the rest of the average government class at Novitas. After that Matt usually has an activity that he has us students work on as a class as he guides through it. Sometimes Matt will have us independently work on a worksheet about the day’s topic instead, and after we finish we all come together and discuss our answers. Next, Matt says were free to go and we head back to the dorm (government is my last class of the day).

My favorite part of Matt’s class, aside from the student news, would definitely be the discussions that we about what we’re learning. I find them very engaging, educating, and productive; sometimes these discussions consist of debating over popular political issues and these instances really teach me how to argue for my opinions in a respectful manner. I had no idea government could be so fun, but good ol’ Novitas pummeled away my ignorance on the matter. Thanks for reading this, my next post will be my Friday movie review. Hope you enjoyed reading this.