So there’s a “library” of sorts in the Novitas dorm. I was bored one day and had nothing to do so I started looking through it, and lo and behold there, in the mini library, was a huge pile of comic books. I grabbed them with delight and looked through the pile, and man there were some really awesome comic books in it. They’d also been treated surprisingly well for something at a an all teenage boy boarding school. There’s definitely more than meets the eye with the old Novitas.

In case you’re wondering (which you probably are), this blog post is gonna be about the comics that I found in that pile. I’ll give the title and talk about them a little bit and then you can see if any of them pique your interest. I’ll be talking about the ones I’ve personally read so just keep in mind, there’s a ton more.

First up on the list is Gambit by Howard Mackie and Lee Weeks. It was released in 1989 so all the AD’s in it are hilariously 90’s. But anyway it’s all about Gambit and him hanging out with the X-Men, until unforeseen events arise on the homefront for him causing him to leave the X-Men for a while to fix things back in New Orleans. It’s got great action and great artwork but it’s nothing more than your typical comic book.

Next up is Spider-Man: Blue, Book One: My Funny Valentine by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Jeph Loeb is one of my favorite Batman writers so it’s weird to see him working with marvel, but the result is awesome. This comic is all about Spidey and his relationship with the late Gwen Stacy. In the timeline in this comic Gwen has been dead at the hands of the Green Goblin for a year. It’s the day she died the previous year and Peter pays his respects by leaving a rose on top of the Brooklyn bridge. The rest of it is all memories about happy times that Peter had with Gwen and his fights with the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn). This comic gives Spidey an emotional side that I’ve never seen done this well aside from in Ultimate Spider-Man, heck I’d even say it’s done better here.

To break the trend, the next item on the list is Batman, Knightquest: The Crusade No. 667 by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, a DC comic.This comic is in the middle of an arc, so I kinda jumped in without crucial information. But my knowledge of the DC universe saved me. This comic is all about a vigilante who thinks he’s a knight by the name of Azreal who takes over keeping gotham crime free for Batman while he’s out of commission due to Bane breaking his back. It’s okay but not great, the action’s mediocre at best but the artwork is great. It’s worth a read but won’t inspire any kind of deeper thinking like Watchmen would (read watchmen, it’s great).

Following Batman on this list is Ironman World War 3, part 3 of 4 by James Robinson and Larry Stroman. Unlike my knowledge of the DC universe, my knowledge of the marvel universe is very small. So reading this comic was a tab bit difficult because it took me awhile to figure out what the heck was going on. But once I finally understood what was happening this comic was surprisingly enjoyable (I’m mainly an Alan Moore fan as opposed to Marvel and DC). It features a last ditch effort by the earth heroes in the marvel universe to defeat an alien race called the skrulls who are working for Dr.Doom. The skrulls are a really cool adversary for the Marvel heroes because they can shapeshift at will into anyone of the good guys. But back to the plot, earth is losing badly to the Skrulls and Dr. Doom, and with nothing else left to do, Mr. Fantastic, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and a few others engage in a suicide mission to attack the skrull base of operations. It’s really tense and action packed, check it out if you ever get the chance.

The final comic on this list is Cable #5, The Gentleman’s Name is Sinsear by Fabian Nicieza and Darick Robertson. Again, my limited knowledge of the marvel universe held me back from truly enjoying this one, but I still liked it. This one is all about Cable the mutant who sometimes runs into the X-men, and his battle against an enemy from his past and our future, Sinsear. The fight between Cable and Sinsear has some great artwork and the action is framed very well. The whole comic is basically just the fight between Cable and Sinsear with some cool backstory on both of them that I won’t spoil for you. My one complaint about this comic is that the time travel really makes things confusing at times, but other than that I’d easily recommend you give this one a read.

Well that’s all folks, I may do some updated Novitas comic posts from time to time if I find anything else in our selection that catches my eye, but this is it for now. Hope you enjoyed it, check the blog again soon for my weekly movie review.