A lot of things go on during a normal week at Novitas (they like to keep us busy). One of these things is our chores. Before I go any further down the rabbit hole I should explain how these chores work here. Each student gets a chore on Sunday that they must do every day until the following Sunday in order to earn their phone each night. Surprisingly, most kids here don’t really mind doing their chores, and I really don’t as well. In fact sometimes I actually LIKE doing my chore (I don’t know what’s wrong with me). But enough about me, I’ll walk you through what these chores actually consist of.

First up is cleaning the dishes, one student is assigned to clean the dishes at one meal. So basically there is a different kid cleaning the dishes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Personally I don’t mind this chore too much; I get a rhythm going with rinsing off the dishes and playing Tetris when putting them into the dishwasher that I get it done in no time. So far while being here at Novitas I´ve only been assigned to lunch, so I have no idea what the dishes are like for other meals but I’m assuming they’re not too different.

Next is cleaning the bathroom for the room that you’re in, and this is the last chore on this list that I´ve actually had to do. So do what you want with that information. I mentioned earlier that I sometimes actually like doing my chore, and this is the one that I was referring too. But before I get ahead of myself I should probably explain to you what this chore consists of. When you clean the bathroom you have to clean the mirrors with windex, wipe down the counters and sinks with lysol wipes, scrub the shower floor with 409 cleaner, scrub down the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and the toilet brush, sweep the floor (I vacuum because it’s more effective), and then mop the floor. I usually do the tasks in that order and for some bizarre reason I get a very strong feeling of joy when I’m wiping off the counter or scrubbing the shower. There’s something about making things clean that excites me, and again I have no idea why.

Moving on, the next chore is cleaning the common area and this one is pretty self-explanatory. You make sure that the common area is clean by doing whatever needs to be done to clean it, the only part that isn´t very simple is that you have to mop the floor. It doesn’t matter if the floor is already clean; you have to do it to get media. But there are way worse things that we could be doing than moping the common area floor every day.

The next item on the chore list is cleaning the rec room, and this one is even more self-explanatory than cleaning the common area. This is mainly because there´s no requirements for doing the job, like with the mopping the common area, or all the stuff that needs to be done when cleaning the bathrooms. Like I said earlier, you just do whatever you need to do to clean it and nothing else.

Lastly is cleaning the entry area and staircases to both the lower and upper half of the dorm. For this chore you need to vacuum each step and the entry area, and then mop each step and the entry area. While there are required steps for this chore, there’s not a lot like their are for the bathrooms. So all in all, it’s not too hard of a chore.

So that’s what we do to keep the dorm clean here at Novitas, and we do the chores with little complaint because we like being able to use our phones. I think it´s a good system; it helps prepare us teens for the working world. That´s all she wrote (get it cause I´m writing) for this post, feel free to laugh at my awful pun there. A movie review will hopefully be coming soon. Hope you enjoyed reading this!