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Academics at Novitas

Novitas AcademicsOur main goal is for students to be successful in life by mastering 21st Century skills. This is achieved by using a blended learning approach that includes Project Based Learning, technical and entrepreneurial classes, and online credit-recovery classes as needed. Flexibility is the key at Novitas! Each student’s learning differences are identified and acknowledged, with a tailored Individual Academic Plan to meet their needs.

A student’s typical day includes the option to take one or more classes at the local technical charter school. This is followed by a tutorial period, where a certified Novitas teacher works one on one with each student to assist them with any academic challenges associated with the new material from their charter school class. Students then attend core classes (English, History, Math, and Science) taught by certified instructors using an exciting hands-on, project based learning approach designed to meet Common Core Standards.

REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Students often complain that school is boring or that they cannot relate to what they are asked to learn. PR2TA classes are designed to teach students all of the important standards, but using projects and instructional strategies that make learning fun and relevant. Students are able to choose topics and projects that important to them.

COLLEGE PREPARATORY: PRTA prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be informed and productive citizens in the 21st century. Students are accepted into a wide variety of public and private universities and colleges. Some students choose a technical or vocational school to prepare them for their career choice.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: From their incredible virtual classroom environment to the amazing variety of Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and Distance Learning coursework; PR2TA works hard to find, implement, and create the best technologies available for students. Payette River Technical Academy’s campus boasts a 3D printer, laser cutters and engravers, a steel cutting CVC machine, a T-shirt press capable of producing 2000 shirts per day, and the largest robotic arm of any school in Idaho.

Internship Program

Novitas Academy offers an internship program where students volunteer to help local businesses or apply locally for a job. This guided process helps students build their resumes, develop a strong work ethic, take direction from an employer, discover a new interest or help them become more focused on their goals by deciding what they do not want to do. This program helps clarify their 10-year-plan and sometimes opens a student’s eyes to the need for further education and encourages them to become more motivated to work hard in school. Although students can get work experience on-campus, the internship program is a network of opportunities with local businesses and organizations.

Students have the opportunity to internship locally with:

  • Auto repair shop
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Food service

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