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Therapeutic Boarding School for Young Men

Learn Differently, Embrace Your Potential & Impact the World

Located on 30 acres outside of Boise Idaho, Novitas Academy is a private clinically oriented therapeutic boarding school for young men ages 14 to 18. If you are looking for a school for young men ages 10 to 14, our neighboring therapeutic school Cherry Gulch can help, click here. Our picturesque setting lends itself to our staff and students as we work together to provide early intervention and prevention for our students. Novitas Academy is dedicated to improving the lives of the young men we work with and their families. We believe in the power of inspiration, finding ones strengths, positive relationships, mentoring and goal setting. We are a strengths based program who believes in building a relationship with our students and supporting their goals and dreams. Our purpose is to help our boys reach their goals. Families find what they have been desperately searching for from the staff, therapists and environment at Novitas Academy.

Novitas Academy students navigate various disorders and challenges at our therapeutic boarding school.

“We enroll families. This separates us from our competitors and illuminates our desire to not only work with the boy but also the family.”
~ Bernie Zimmerman, COO of Novitas Academy & Cherry Gulch

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Our Mission

Novitas Academy’s mission is to provide students a safe, therapeutic, and nurturing learning environment in order to facilitate a successful transition into early adulthood. As a therapeuptic boarding school, Novitas Academy is uniquely structured for the curious learners, adventuresome spirits, and for boys willing to spread their wings as young men ready to discover their passion, potential and calling.

Students at our therapeutic boarding school identify their strengths and uncover their natural talents within careers. This helps them make informed decisions about their future. Our internship program allows us to partner with the local community where boys learn skills and work in different fields. After completing the necessary tasks for the day, including morning chores, hygiene, school, and therapy, the students are then able to participate in sports and activities such as: mountain biking, rafting, hiking, ziplining, martial arts and more. We also go on trips to places like London, Peru and Italy.

Our approach is refreshingly different, instead of forcing the students to do what we want them to do; we join with each student to help them reach their goals and realize their potential through building their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Interventions for each young man include:

Highly Compassionate 1:4 Staff-to-Student Ratio
Family Involvement and a Strong Parenting Program
College and Career Assessment System
Wide Variety of Activities and Learning Experiences
Life Skills Such as Drivers Ed, Cooking and Cleaning
Fully Accredited Educational Program, All Credits Earned are Fully Transferable
Medication Monitoring by a Licensed Psychiatrist
Career and Character Development Classes
Individual, Group, and Family Psychotherapy with Experienced Doctorate & Master’s Level Therapists
Internships to Learn Skills and Work in Different Career Fields
Safe, Therapeutic, and Nurturing Learning Environment
Involvement in Clubs, Scouting, Leadership and Ranch Activities

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Novitas Academy utilizes the RULER approach, designed by Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence

This evidence-based emotional literacy program empowers and teaches our students to regulate their emotions and find success in daily endeavors.

In order to feel respected each day we will be kind to each other, speak in a polite and respectful tone, not call each other rude or inappropriate names and not get into physical confrontations. We will treat everyone equally, not be disruptive during class or groups and keep our noise level at appropriate volumes.

In order to prevent and manage conflict, we will be proactive, positive, calm and relaxed. We will be assertive in expressing our feelings and have healthy relationships and boundaries. We will be loyal, helpful and find opportunities to make each other’s day. If conflict does arise we will communicate clearly and kindly with each other and seek staff advice if needed. We will try to resolve any conflict without antagonizing or instigating any further argument.

In order to feel emotionally safe each day we will lift each other up and not put each other down, we will keep our language clean and refrain from swearing, we will not gossip, bully, steal or lie. We will allow ourselves to be vulnerable with each other, we will take time to mentor our peers, and we will be respectful and non- antagonistic to our peers and the staff.

In order to feel joyful each day we will go out of our way to serve others, manage our emotions and participate in the groups and activities presented to us. We will participate in activities that we feel are fun and make us happy. We will try to stay calm instead of get upset and we will remember to be grateful each day.

In order to feel trusted each day we will be honest with each other, not steal or lie and ask when we want to borrow things instead of just taking them. We will have integrity, do what we say we’re going to do, not make promises that we can’t keep and we will keep confidential information confidential.

In order to feel understood each day we will acknowledge each other’s ideas and follow through with making them a reality when possible. We will voice our opinions and ideas in a respectful way and communicate clearly with one another. We will listen intently to each other, talk openly about our feelings and create an environment where we can each be vulnerable and feel comfortable sharing our feelings, thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment or criticism.

A student at our therapeutic boarding school wears pink shirts and utilizes the RULER Approach.

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